Our Core Values


Core Values:

a)      Setting and maintaining high standard of teaching and learning. Promoting learners development and integrity of the school.

b)      Spiritual growth of the school community.

c)      Guarding, strengthening and maintaining cordial professional relationship with the other local and international professional bodies and training institutions.

d)     Promoting and enhancing conducive working environment for the staff through appropriate training and introduction of other moral boosting projects, activities and incentives.

e)      Healthy relationship between the student and members of staff, student  and members of the public. Courtesy and respect are expected from students.

f)       Nationalism/patriotism. We are committed to respecting the rule of law in all our undertakings.

g)      Integrity – We are committed to acting in an honest, accountable and transparent manner in our undertakings.

h)      Professionalism – We are committed to highest levels of achievement obtainable through competence and pertinent skills.

i)        Team work – We embrace team work and collaboration both within our school and with all our partners in the provision of education services.

j)        Continual improvement – We are committed to setting and maintaining high standards of education through continuous improvement of service delivery.

k)      Courtesy – We shall endeavor to be courteous to all our clients at all times.







2018 - 2022. 








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