School facilities


The school is on a 10.15 hectare piece of land which accommodates the following facilities.

-           10 permanent classrooms.

-          1 library cum book store.

-          1 ICT room with computers.

-          2 laboratories (biology together with chemistry and physics lab).

-          2 home science rooms.

-          1 ADM block housing – main office, deputy’s office, secretary, HOD’s offices and staff room.

-          4 dormitories – 1 storiedgirl’s dorm and 3 boys’ dormitories.

-          1 semi-permanent D.H and kitchen.

-          6 permanent staff homes and 4 semi-permanent.


The rest of the land is utilized for:-

-           Coffee and tea farming.

-          Horticultural and food crop farming.

-          Livestock (9 cows, 3 pigs and rabbit rearing).

The school also has a bus, electricity and few computers.

Challenges in provision of facilities and equipment include:-

i)                    Absence of an organized master plan

ii)                  Dilapidated facilities needing rehabilitation and refurbishment.

iii)                Lack of sanitation facilities.

iv)                High cost of internet provision.

v)                  Poor fees payment as most students come from neighbouring day primary schools.